Having difficulty navigating life in the 21st century?

Are you struggling with love, money, or relationships? Do you suffer from anxiety or oversensitivity? Do you feel a calling to a higher spiritual path? Are you awakening to your unique intuitive gifts?

Lisa is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Counselor. She is known worldwide for helping people to navigate their lives and achieve their goals through Anam Cara Soul Path Readings and Healings.

Anam Cara is the Gaelic word for soul friend. In the Celtic tradition, this refers to a spiritual teacher or mentor.  Someone to listen to you with heartfelt compassion and deliver intuitive guidance to help you on your life path.




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New Classes Starting August 2017!


Psychic Development Circle

Discover your psychic self
Learn meditation and self protection
Build your intuition
Work with Spirit Guides & Angels
Introduction to Mediumship


Intro to Tarot

History & Origin of the Tarot
The Major Arcana
The Minor Arcana
Court Cards
Simple Spreads & Card Combinations


Wicca 101

History of Wicca- Wicca as a Spiritual Path
The Wiccan Rede & The Tenets
Self Dedication & Initiation
The Goddess & The God
The Wheel of the Year
Cycles of the Moon
The Tools of Wicca
The Elements
Casting A Circle
Introduction to Spellcraft
Introduction to Divination


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